Oct 22

CrossFit 239 Fort Myers Florida Daily WOD


Thursday 10/23


Gym will open for the afternoon at 5:15, no afternoon open gym time today or tomorrow.


Trainer led warmup



Work to a heavy round of the bear complex ( 7 reps of: hang clean + front squat + push press + back squat + push press)

You may not drop the bar during the round of bear complex



5k row

Oct 14

CrossFit 239 Fort Myers Florida Daily WOD


Wednesday 10/15


Trainer led warmup


Partner WOD

25’ amrap

400m partner slam ball toss buy-in 10/20#

Ball must be thrown between partners, not handed.  Ball may not contact the ground at any time-20 burpees on the spot if the ball makes contact with the ground


Then AMRAP (divide as needed)

Kettlebell farmers carry to Commercial drive and back (24/32k/hand)

10 TTB

20 box jumps 20/24”