Aug 24

CrossFit 239 Fort Myers Florida Daily WOD


Monday 8/25

Trainer led warmup


Push press 1, 1, 1, 1, 1


Crush Games Event 3

(7 minute cap)

For time complete:

15 – 12 – 9 Hand Stand Push-ups, Rx-Hand release pushups

8–6–4 Snatch Complex 83/135, Rx 53/95

(snatch + hang snatch without dropping the bar between the two.  you may drop between reps, but not within the complex)


Immediately followed by (clock does not stop)

3 minutes of rowing for max distance.

Aug 19

CrossFit 239 Fort Myers Florida Daily WOD


Wednesday 8/20


Trainer led warmup


Partner WOD


35 Burpee box jumps 20/24” Rx+ 24/30

55 Push press 45/75 Rx+ 65/95

75 KBS 16/24k Rx+ 24/32k

Run 1 mile together


*Each athlete completes all movements, in order,  athlete one must complete all burpee box jumps before athlete two begins them, same for push press and KBS. Both athletes run the mile together.