sarinaSarina “Sass” Clark Sarina is among Lee County’s fittest females boasting four separate trips to the CrossFit Games Southeast Regional with multiple top ten finishes as both an individual and team competitor on top of countless victories in various competitions around the state of Florida. She competed in gymnastics, cheerleading, and weightlifting, so the transition to the sport of fitness, almost seven years ago, and all its variables was practically seamless. Sarina’s passion for CrossFit is why she decided to pursue coaching four years ago and eventually ownership of CrossFit 239 in August of 2015 – she is Level 1 Certified as well as USAW Olympic Lifting certified. Sass, as she is affectionately known by friends, teammates, and clients is incredibly well rounded – boasting impressive squat and press numbers, while maintaining incredibly proficient Olympic lifting technique and outstanding gymnastics skills. For her clients, it is her ability to breakdown these complex movements and make them accessible to athletes of all levels that make her special.


adrianAdrian “Abomb” Seacrest  Adrian attended Florida Gulf Coast University on a golf scholarship and graduated in 2005 with an Athletic Training degree. Her competitive nature and desire to be fit meant she always enjoyed the gym; as a result, much of her career has been focused on health and fitness. In the last nine years, Adrian became a licensed sports massage therapist and has worked with many CrossFit athletes of all ages and abilities including elite Games and Regional athletes. Her six years of experience coaching CrossFit, combined with her background in athletic training and massage therapy provide a wealth of experience and expertise for 239 members.





Melissa “Mel” Kelly Melissa started CrossFit in 2009 after completing her college soccer career and earning a degree in Physical Education from Florida Southern College. Her drive to compete started at age 8 when she joined club soccer and has never dissipated. Health and fitness are an integral part of Melissa’s life as is evident by her PE teaching, soccer coaching and CrossFit coaching. Mel’s favorite thing about CrossFit beyond the fact that anyone can participate is that the community can manage to be so competitive in an otherwise friendly atmosphere.





danDan Cowdin









Doug “Fresh” Clark
Doug played college soccer at the University of West Florida and was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by his wife and coach, Sarina. He always dabbled in CrossFit because Sarina had so much success in local, regional, and national competitions, but it was not until he used CrossFit as a means of rehabilitating a torn ACL  that he actually fell in love with the sport. His competitive spirit makes workouts enjoyable as he pushes himself and others to do more than they originally thought possible in encouraging, motivational ways.  He has been a dedicated CrossFit 239 athlete and has participated in countless local competitions since his ACL recovery three years ago and now enjoys helping others find success in CrossFit.


Alex Martenson

Alex graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, obtaining a degree in Human Performance with an emphasis in the Rehabilitation Sciences.  He opened a USA Weightlifting Barbell Club in 2014 and has worked with a diverse clientele ranging in age, background and skill level.  Alex is certified as an Advanced Sports Performance Coach and has helped many people achieve and exceed their fitness and athletic goals.  As a strength and conditioning professional, Alex also worked in the Physical Therapy department of Mayo Clinic as a Rehabilitation Technician.  His unique experiences in the field of Kinesiology have shaped Alex’s comprehensive approach to fitness and health.  In search of above-zero temperatures, he has relocated to Fort Myers, and is looking to bring his expertise to CrossFit 239.”

Jenna Riddle
Jenna started CrossFit in 2014, and fell in love. From playing soccer since she was a young gal up to playing in college at The University of Nevada, Reno, CrossFit was exactly what she was looking for once she was done playing. She easily became hooked with the CrossFit atmosphere of everyone from all walks of life gathering together to get their sweat on and work at bettering themselves every day.

After quitting her “boring deskjob”, she began coaching CrossFit in June 2016, and is extremely passionate about seeing others work hard towards their personal goals and accomplish things they didn’t think they could.

When she’s not getting swoll at the gym, you can catch her hanging with her family, Coach Erik and son Grayson, hand lettering some signs and walls, chilling at the beach, and eating cake.

Erik Fay

Erik is an OG CrossFit guy and has been a part of the CrossFit community since 2007. For him, CrossFit started out as a way to hang with some buddies and get after some gnarly workouts. It quickly became an integral part of his life and one of his biggest passions. He fell in love with the community aspect of everyone throwing down together and wanted to contribute something extra to the community, so he started coaching in 2009. He and his family relocated to the Fort Myers area when he took a position as a professor at Florida Southwestern State College, and has truly enjoyed becoming part of the 239 family. According to Erik, “the journey has been awesome and continues to get better every day”.

When Erik is not trying to keep up with his fit gal Jrid on workouts he is corralling his wild child Grayson.

Accolades: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Level 3 (Certified CrossFit Trainer), CrossFit Endurance Trainer, CrossFit Nutrition Certificate, CrossFit Goal Setting Certificate, CrossFit Regionals Individual competitor(2010,2011,2012, 2013), CrossFit Regional Team competitor x 1 (2014)

Our 5,000 Sq. Ft. building is located just off Fowler Street across the street from Victory Layne Chevrolet . Crossfit 239 has plenty of space, bathrooms and showers!

Located At:
3789 Fowler Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Class Times: Monday-Friday
6am, 8am, 9am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Open Gym Hours: Monday-Friday
6am-10am & 3pm-7:30pm

Open Gym Hours: Saturday
8am-9:30am with a team or partner WOD at 9:30am

Closed on Sunday!